Certified Scrum Product Owner

You are a Project- or Product-Manager, and want to use Scrum in your projects and earn the certificate "CSPO Certified Product Owner"? This course is aimed at those who are soon to be introducing Scrum or have gained work experience in a scrum environment. The focus is on the role of Product Owner: The course is primarily suitable for Project-Managers/ -Leaders, Product-Managers and executives.

Day 1
Einführung und Überblick
  • Agile Werte und Prinzipien
  • Empirische Prozess-Steuerung
  • Scrum-Einführung
Rollen in Scrum
  • Der Product Owner 
  • Das Entwicklungsteam
  • Der Scrum Master
Agiles Produktmanagement
  • Visioning
  • Releases und Planung
  • Product Backlog und User Stories
  • Grobschätzung und Priorisierung
Day 2
  • Velocity, Metriken
  • Projektverfolgung
  • Adaptive Release-Planung
Sprints - Arbeiten mit dem Team
  • Sprint Planning und Backlog Refinement
  • Sprint Review und -Retrospektive
Agile Entwicklungspraktiken und Qualität
  • Architektur und Design
  • Kontinuierliche Integration und Test

Certified Scrum Master

You would like to know more about Scrum - learn how to work as a Scrum Master and acquire the "CSM Certified Scrum Master" certificate? In this course, you will learn about agile techniques to establish continuous improvement as a coach and facilitator in the team and the organization.

Day 1

Introduction and overview

  • Agile values and principles
  • Empirical process control
  • Scrum-Introduction: Origin, Process, Roles

Scrum roles

  • The Product Owner
  • The development team
  • Introduction to the tasks of the Scrum Master
  • Team development and moderation

Requirements management and release planning

  • Product Vision
  • Product Backlog
  • User Stories
  • Rough estimation and prioritization
  • Velocity
  • Project tracking
  • Release-Planung
Day 2


  • Sprint-Planning
  • Sprint-Review and Retrospective
  • Daily Scrums
  • Metrics

Agile development practices

  • Architecture and design
  • Continuous integration and test


  • Introduction to agility and Scrum in the Enterprise.
  • Large, distributed projects
  • Working with self-organized teams
  • Overview of Agile Engineering Techniques