Agile for teams

Agile development places high demands on the entire organization. In order for your team to deliver regularly, effectively and in high quality, good knowledge of agile software techniques is necessary. We offer an introduction to agile development techniques and coach your developers and testers in concrete projects.


Agile transition for teams

We start with training to introduce Scrum or Kanban to each team. We then support your team through their first change steps via feedback and coaching. Together with your teams, we develop a set of rules, structures and values ​​that support the sustainable and continuous improvement of agile practices.

How can we learn how to learn?

Submitted by Hedi Buchner on Fri, 10/25/2013 - 13:35

Whenever I am working as a Scrum Master or Coach one of my goals is to help the team to learn how to help themselves. To achieve that, they really need to learn how to learn. But how does it work? One approach is based on the self-management theory by Kanfer, Reinecker and Schmelzer(1). The original approach is a therapeutic process which can be modified for our use. Its goal is to support self regulation and enhance problem solving skills. The coaching approach consists of three phases.

1. Observation