Introduction to LeSS


The LeSS course provides deep insights into the LeSS frameworks, the principles of Lean Thinking, System Thinking and customer-focused product development and answers where Scrum stops offering solutions - in the area of large product development with many teams.

LeSS is about how to scale agility in large, complex organizations. A question that may seem familiar to many organizations. With Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), two frameworks (LeSS and LeSS Huge) are now available, by means of which Scrum can be consistently scaled without much addition in order to be agile and viable as a company.
What are the main contents of the course? After the course you will understand the frameworks in LeSS, the principles of Lean Thinking, Agile and System Thinking and will be able to adapt LeSS to the needs of your organization.

How can you prepare? For the introduction to the LeSS Framework we recommend the book: Large Scale Scrum - Scrum erfolgreich skalieren mit LeSS , translated by Björn Jensen and Alexander Marquart, dpunkt Verlag and the short instructions on the website.

Format: Interactive workshop with presentations, exercises and exchange of experiences.
Duration: 2 days

The course is aimed at product managers, development managers, executives or change agents (coaches) who are planning a LeSS adoption or want to work on its implementation. The course is also interesting for experienced agilists who want to learn more about Large Scale Scrum.