Scaling Agile

Agile scaling has a deep impact on the organization's structure and the collaboration of employees. Therefore, it is important to first clarify which goal you are pursuing and which problem you want to solve.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Large Scale Scrum (Less) are currently the best known concepts for agile development in large projects. Both are excellent suited to support large development organizations on their way to agility. 

Pragmatic scaling beyond SAFe

Pragmatic scaling means going beyond the frameworks. It adapts the approach to scaling and integrates lean thinking and organizational development.
We support the most important frameworks for scaled agile development: SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and LeSS (Large Scaled Scrum) and adapt them as required.

Scaled Agile Framework SAFe

We support organisations as certified SAFe consultants to implement and adapt the concepts of the Scaled Agile Framework to the needs of an organisation.

Scaled Program Planning from the Trenches

I am a Scaled Agile Framework coach and trainer and it amuses me to sometimes see the blood drain from the faces of Agile practitioners when I say "yeah, I really like SAFe, I´ve learned a lot" :).  The reaction comes from interpretation. The Big Picture really is Big. When I give a Leading SAFe course and ask for feedback at the end, participants often say "Wow, I never knew there was so much in it, I´m really going to need to sit down and think about this".

Scaling Dimensions

A Keynote held by Christoph Mathis at the "Scaling Agile for the Enterprise" conference in January 2015.

It concentrates on the challenges of scaling in the light of agile values and gives sone hints concerning what to consider when using agile in a scaled environment.