Sustainability from Idea-to-Market with Requirement Traceability and Evolution

ReConf 2015 - Dr. Jan Scholz, Infineon Technologies AG; Mario Gadet, improuv GmbH 

Competitive markets expect cost-effective and versatile system solutions continuously. Transitioning from traditional distinct sequential engineering phases of hard-, firm- and software development to a continuum of integrated co-development remains a challenge. Characteristically for multi-domain development, the magnitude of a requirement’s impact depends strongly on the affected engineering domain.
In our talk we provide insight on how Infineon Technologies AG is addressing this matter by highlighting integration and collaboration to facilitate requirement traceability and evolution throughout the full system life cycle. Additionally we show how requirement engineering helps to overcome locally confined optimization inside the development domains by leveraging opportunities on system level.
Date: Mi 18.03.2015
Time: 16:20-17:05 Uhr